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Supplier of  The Original Lindibell Chimes

Windchimes.co.za is a South African manufacturer of nine immaculately finished, anodized aluminium & factory tuned, glass wind chimes, decorated with semi-precious stones.

Due to careful tuning, each chime emits its own distinct mood of sound. These musical mobiles are classified as percussion (un-pitched wind) instruments, used as interior or garden decor. A thoughtful and sensitive gift being appreciated by men, women and children alike.

Please Note that Last Orders to be couriered must be placed before the 16th of December!

I hope you and your loved ones have a truly blessed festive season filled with

Music of the Wind!

Windchimes.co.za has officially moved to Sedgefield in the Western Cape!!!

I am still handcrafting Music of the Wind and couriering throughout South Africa.

There is a variety of nine different tuned and handcrafted wind chimes.

It is comparable to a work of art… What is meaningful and beautiful to one, may be obscure to another.  The main intention with which these chimes are made is always to evoke joy, serenity and harmony.
The appeal of each is more importantly the individual mood or “colour” of sound, rather than the identifying design.


Air wind chime


Aqua wind chime

Breath of Africa

Breath of Africa wind chime

Dolphin & Whale

Dolphin and Whale wind chime

Nature’s Bells

Natures Bells wind chime


Pentatonic wind chime


Rumi wind chime


Tibetan wind chime

Yellow Bell

Yello Bell wind chime

Listen to these delicate wind chimes, the small silences between –
the ebb and flow of all time, in fact the spirit of the wind – Heaven’s Breath.


Paradoxically, it is said that the most beautiful sound is found in Silence. For who too, can appreciate the light without darkness!

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