Rumi Wind Chime

This chime has 6 glass bells with 5 notes, this is so that the scale is bounded and not left hanging. The sounds emitted from the Rumi chime have an ethereal quality which are uplifting innocent and refreshing.

Rumi was a 13th Century poet and Sufi mystic in Central Turkey. He introduced the Dervish dance – a circular movement known as a celestial dance where the dancer spins on the fulcrum of one foot and faces up towards the heavens, forming a spiral connection between heaven and earth. The dances were accompanied by a reed flute tuned to the Dominant 7th chord, this chime is specifically tuned to this chord.

Produced from: Laboratory (Hardened) Glass Tubing
Decorated with: Crystal Quartz beading.
Approximate height: 56cm / 22 inches.
Suspension plate diameter: 12cm / 4.7 inches
Tube diameter: 1.9 cm / 0.74 inches

Listen to the chimes

      Rumi wind chime

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