Tibetan Wind Chime

This chime has 6 bells tuned to the voice of the Tibetan Monks. The Tibetan Monks are the only people in the world who have trained their voices to sing what is known as “The One Voice Cord”, holding two harmonies. The two different size bells reflect this. From one sound emanates 3 overtones, which makes a cord. The 3 larger bells represent this cord and the smaller bells are a complementary harmony.

The chimes represent the Tibetan culture, spirituality and energy, the crystals also reflect the Chakra colours and light spectrum. Only Oak is used and treated with oil and then coated with 3 layers of the very best wood preservative to protect against the harsh outdoor weather exposure.

These chimes incorporate the concept of the 5 Directions (North, South, East, West and Centre) and the 5 Elements:
Earth – Represented by the semi precious stones,
Metal – The aluminium tubing,
Fire – The burnished Tibetan OM script on the wind plate, an ancient symbol, sacred totality of all sounds penetrating and sustaining the universe.
Water – The wood grain which is reminiscent of the concentric growth rings indicating the age and annual rainfall,
Air – Action of wind on the chime.

Produced from: Anodised Aluminium Tubing and Oak
Decorated with: Crystal Quartz beading.
Approximate height: 63cm / 25 inches
Suspension plate diameter: 12cm / 4.7 inches
Tube diameter: 1.27 cm / 0.5 inches

Listen to the chimes

      Tibetan wind chime

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