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Lindibell Wind Chimes

Is a South African manufacturer of ten immaculately finished anodized aluminium & glass wind chimes, decorated with semi-precious stones. Due to careful tuning, each chime emits its own distinct mood of sound. These musical mobiles are classified as percussion (unpitched wind) instruments, used as interior or garden décor. These chimes are used in Feng Shui and activate a quiet atmosphere for meditation.

In Sanskrit it was RUH – breath, spirit.
In Hebrew it was RUACH – creation, divinity.
In Latin it was SPIRITUS – inspiration, breath of God.
In Greek it was PNEUMA – wind, soul.

Listen to these hauntingly delicate wind chimes
and you can hear the resonant voices
of ancient Gods and bygone souls,
the small silences between – the ebb and flow of all Time,
in fact the spirit of the wind – Heaven’s Breath.

Paradoxically, it is said that the most beautiful sound is found in Silence.
 For who too, can appreciate the light without darkness !

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