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Welcome to Windchimes.co.za

Supplier of Lindibell Chimes

Lindibell Wind Chimes

Is a South African manufacturer of ten immaculately finished anodized aluminum & glass wind chimes, decorated with semi-precious stones.

Due to careful tuning, each chime emits its own distinct mood of sound. These musical mobiles are classified as percussion (un-pitched wind) instruments, used as interior or garden decor.

These chimes are used in Feng Shui and activate a quiet atmosphere for meditation.

In Sanskrit it was RUH – breath, spirit.
 In Hebrew it was RUACH – creation, divinity.
 In Latin it was SPIRITUS – inspiration, breath of God.
 In Greek it was PNEUMA – wind, soul.

Listen to these hauntingly delicate wind chimes
and you can hear the resonant voices
 of ancient Gods and bygone souls,
 the small silences between – the ebb and flow of all Time, 
in fact the spirit of the wind – Heaven’s Breath.

Paradoxically, it is said that the most beautiful sound is found in Silence.
 For who too, can appreciate the light without darkness !

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Windchimes.co.za