Aqua Wind Chimes

The Aqua wind chime has 7 notes carefully tuned in a running scale – CDEFGAB. This gives the chimes a sound resembling a running stream, fluid and gentle. The edges of the clear Perspex plates have been coloured blue, Blue Turquenite stones are used and the water droplet shape of the wind plate all lend themselves to the aquatic nature of this chime.

The aqua notes reflect the Chakras and this is a popular chime for alternative therapists. It pairs very well with the Pentatonic Wind Chime. Aqua chimes have cheerful, fluid sounds of sparkling water.

Produced from: Anodised Aluminium Tubing.
Decorations: Semi precious stones, using Crystal Quartz and Turquenite beading
Approximate height: 63cm / 24 inches.
Suspension plate diameter: 12cm / 4.7 inches
Tube diameter: 1.9cm / 0.75 inches

Listen to the chimes

      Aqua wind chime

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