These hand crafted wind chimes are specifically tuned and have a fine clarity of sound.

The windchimes are perfect for FENG SHUI where objects which create sound attract beneficial energies, and therefore happiness & success to the home. Sound generated by wind chimes and other percussion instruments are used for the clearing & cleansing of space environments, so that the room is once more ‘open’ & harmonious.

Each of our 9 wind chimes has its own individual mood or ‘colour’ of sound.

All these wind chimes are decorated with semi-precious stone beading.

All metal flutes are non-rust anodized aluminium. Therefore no special care is needed to ensure continued purity of sound.

Nowhere else will you find our 2 models of tuned laboratory glass wind chimes. The glass tubing has been specially baked & hardened to make it strong, similar to the glass used in Pyrex cookware. The Rumi Wind Chimes is the smaller, the Air Wind Chimes the larger.

The wind chimes can be placed either indoors near a window, or outside in the garden or patio.

Wind chimes are appreciated by men, women & children alike. Chimes create a thoughtful family gift, echoing a memorable occasion. Our attention to detail make these wind chimes a special gift. This attention to detail is evident in small items like the swing ticket, the ribbon, the tissue paper wrapping, the sticker & the stylised Cape of Good Hope triangular stamp. The fishing swivel from which the wind chimes hang, the eyelets in the tubing & the plugging of all drilled holes with specially adapted buttons & bronze nails all add to the quality & superior lifespan of the wind chimes.

The wooden Oak plates are scrupulously sanded & treated with three coatings of the best wood preservative to guard against extreme weather conditions. The wind chimes with oak plates are the Tibetan Wind Chimes, the Pentatonic Wind Chimes and the Yellowbell Chimes.

All wind chimes are individually boxed so that they can be safely carried away & easily transported by clients.